SLProject  3.1.0

Welcome to the SLProject. SL stands for Scene Library. It is developed at the Berne University of Applied Sciences (BFH) and is used for student projects in the cpvrLab. The various applications show what you can learn in one semester about 3D computer graphics in real time rendering and ray tracing. The framework is built in C++ and OpenGL ES and runs without changes on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Android and Apple iOS. The framework can render alternatively with Ray Tracing and Path Tracing which provides in addition high quality transparencies, reflections and soft shadows. You can find the demo app also on the Android Market.

The SLProject is hosted online on GitHub.

The source code is provided under the GNU General Puplic License (GPL). The code is provided without any warranties whether expressed or implied.

Read the following wiki page for more information:


Read the Introduction Page for an overview of the framework.
Read the onPaint Page for an overview how on frame gets rendered.

Framework Dependencies:

The framework uses beside OpenGL the following external libraries that are also included in the SLProject repository:

  • OpenGL platform independent realtime rendering.
  • OpenCV for image processing.
  • ImGUI for an easy to use GUI.
  • assimp for 3D file formats loading.


  • The code is provided without any warranties whether expressed or implied.
  • No support can be provided on installation, compiler or build issues. The framework was tested on several machines using MS Visual Studio 2017 as well as on Mac OSX using XCode with GCC or LLVM compiler.
  • The code is provided under GNU General Puplic License (GPL). This means in general, that you must provide your code as well under GPL if you use this code.
  • Feedback always welcome.

Date: November 2019
Copyright (c): 2002-2019 Marcus Hudritsch, Kirchrain 18, 2572 Sutz, Switzerland